Cereal farmers: Croatian wheat supply would not be affected by Ukraine crisis

NEWS 02.03.202215:14 0 komentara
Photo by rajeev ramdas on Unsplash

Croatia's Minister for Agriculture, Marija Vuckovic, met with local farmers on Wednesday to discuss the country's supply of cereals and concluded that there is "no need for concern in light of the Ukraine crisis," her ministry said in a press release sent to local media.

Farmers reported that there the supply of wheat is “sufficiently stocked” and that the public should not fear about any shortages. Ukraine is the world’s fifth largest wheat exporter and the top producer of seed oils.

The meeting also discussed the impact of the rising prices of natural gas which is reflected in the prices of fertilizer, which is likely to impact the coming sowing season.

The ministry said that a 250 million kuna () program is being prepared to invest in agriculture and fisheries, and said that as part of the government’s set of measures designed to offset the exploding energy prices the VAT rate has been slashed for foodstuffs and farming resources from the standard 25 percent to 5 percent.

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