Conflict of Interest Commission opens case against health minister

NEWS 20.04.2021 15:26
Sanjin Strukic/PIXSELL/ilustracija

The Conflict of Interest Commission on Monday opened a case against Health Minister Vili Beros following media reports about the CijepiSe platform for registration for COVID-19 vaccination and the minister's ties to the company that designed it, the Commission confirmed on Tuesday.

“The case has just been opened, no action has been taken yet,” spokeswoman Martina Jurisic told the state news agency Hina.

The case is yet to be assigned, and relevant documents need to be collected. After they are collected, the case will be put on the agenda, but for the time being we cannot say when that will be, Jurisic said.

The media have been reporting for days about the scandal concerning the CijepiSe website, where interested citizens can register for vaccination and where glitches have been reported.

The news portal Telegram has said that it could not obtain from the Health Ministry answers as to who designed the website and how much it cost, but it obtained those answers on its own by discovering that the code of the website contained the name of its author, the Cuspis company.

Telegram has reported that Cuspis is owned by Minister Beros’ acquaintance Vinko Kojundzic and that its revenue “exploded” after 2018.

“Data from the State Treasury… show that by 2018 the ministry made no payments to Cuspis. Since Beros was appointed, first as Assistant Minister, Cuspis has received around 14 million kuna from the ministry,” Telegram has said.

The Health Ministry has said in a statement that its transactions are transparent and that involved in the making of the platform for vaccination registration were the companies Ericsson Nikola Tesla, In2 and Cuspis.

However, Ericsson Nikola Tesla and In2 have denied their involvement.

Telegram on Monday also discovered that the Health Ministry had awarded a 1.6 million kuna IT job in the eHospitals project to a low-profile company called Navada which so far has specialised in flower arrangements, and today it reported that the contractor would be supervised for 1 million kuna by the Aenona Consulting company, “owned by (former PM Ivo) Sanader’s former health minister Neven Ljubicic, who established the company only some 20 days before the expiry of the deadline for the submission of offers.”

Meanwhile, the opposition Social Democratic Party has announced that it will launch talks with other opposition parties on a motion asking that Beros be replaced over problems and omissions in his department.


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