Conflict of Interest Commission starts proceedings against Petrov, Zigman, Varga

NEWS 19.02.2021 20:03
Source: Luka Stanzl/PIXSELL

The Conflict of Interest Commission on Friday launched proceedings against MP Bozo Petrov, HANFA financial watchdog Steering Board chair Ante Zigman and former MP and health minister Sinisa Varga.

The proceedings against Petrov (Most party) were launched due to discrepancies in his declaration of assets because he did not report income he received from a medical institution in the town of Metkovic.

Petrov also incorrectly reported his earnings from the period from August 2017 to March 2019 when he conducted the duties of Deputy Parliament Speaker and his wages were significantly higher.

Zigman was reported for receiving supplements to his wage which he was not allowed to under the law.

A similar situation was reported for a member of the board of the Hrvatske Autoceste motorway management company, Niksa Konjevod, who also received wage supplements.

Proceedings were launched against former MP and former health minister Sinisa Varga because he did not update information in his declaration of assets regarding a pay rise. Varga also did not report an allowance he received for occasional work for the World Bank.


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