Conflict of Interest Commission to look into allegations against gov’t spokesman

NEWS 02.02.2023 16:42
N1/ Ivan Hrstić

The Conflict of Interest Commission has confirmed that it will check media allegations about government spokesman Marko Milic, one of the persons involved in the "text message" affair, for the purpose of possible proceedings, while MP Domagoj Hajdukovic has said that he will file a criminal report.

“For the time being, the Commission will check media allegations and collect relevant facts and evidence only with regard to Marko Milic in order to make a decision on whether there are grounds to launch proceedings,” the Commission told the Croatian state news agency Hina on Thursday.

It noted that it would continue following information appearing in public and that if new, relevant facts appeared, it would check allegations referring also to other persons mentioned in the media reports.

According to allegations made by Nacional weekly, Milic had a person employed at the Hrvatske Sume (HS) state-owned forest management company through HS CEO Krunoslav Jakupcic, which he has denied, describing the weekly’s article as one more in a series of incorrect and misleading reports.

Nacional’s allegations about influence-peddling in recruitment procedures were also denied by HDZ spokesman Zoltan Kabok, Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic and Construction Minister Branko Bacic.

MP to file criminal report over possible influence-peddling

Social Democrats MP Domagoj Hajdukovic has said that he will file a criminal report over possible influence-peddling, noting that it is incredible that after the scandal has been in the limelight for several days, there is still no response from the Office of the Chief State Prosecutor (DORH) or the USKOK anti-corruption office.

Hajdukovic said his report would refer to Milic, as well as to Bacic and Vuckovic, and to all the others involved in the said text messages implying possible influence-peddling.

Hajdukovic noted that once the report was filed, DORH and USKOK would have to conduct a preliminary inquiry.

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic on Tuesday dismissed Nacional’s allegations, calling the matter “a non-topic”.


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