Croatian baby beef meat producers okayed for export to the Japanese market

NEWS 24.01.2022 19:59
Source: Photo by Christian Widell on Unsplash

"Croatia's ministry of agriculture, in cooperation with Croatian producers, has secured the access of Croatian-produced baby beef to the Japanese market," state agency Hina notified the public on Monday, citing a press release sent by the ministry.

“The access has been gained because of efforts and programmes for the eradication and control of major infectious diseases in animals. These efforts enable Croatia to get recognition from the World Organisation for Animal Health (formerly the Office International des Epizooties, OIE) and to prove the equivalency of the system of control of animal health and products of animal origin to the relevant authorities in Japan,” Hina explained.

“Having access to the demanding Japanese market is also a great reference for Croatian products on other foreign markets,” the ministry said.

The Croatian ministry continues to make efforts, either on its own or in cooperation with the European Commission, to get other markets open to Croatian products.

Thus, in 2021, Croatian fishery products, mixed products and raw and salted skin got access to Israel. Also, Croatia got the green light for exporting milk and dairy products to Libya, sheep and goats to Iran, pet food to Albania, ice cream to Costa Rica and gelatin capsules to Egypt.


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