Croatian PM at COP28: Wealthier countries must do more to fight climate change

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Giuseppe CACACE / AFP

The goal to limit the global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius is no longer within reach, but the world must now act decisively to keep it below two degrees, notably wealthier countries responsible for the most greenhouse gas emissions, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković said at the climate summit COP28 in Dubai.

In his speech in Dubai, the Croatian prime minister warned that the grim reality is that global warming is accelerating instead of slowing down, and that greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.

He recalled that for the first time in the history of mankind, on November 17, the Earth reached the a symbolic warming threshold of two degrees more than in the pre-industrial period, which was “unthinkable until recently” and is “a clear warning that more must be done.”

But the world is doing the opposite, Plenković said. Half of the cumulative emissions of carbon dioxide from the past two centuries were emitted in the last three decades.

It is now clear that the initial goal from the Paris Agreement on the warming threshold of less than 1.5 degrees is beyond our reach, said Plenković and called for intensified efforts to keep it below two degrees.

Scientists are unanimous about the consequences of global warming –: unprecedented migration, political and economic instability and endangered biodiversity, food, security and world peace, Plenković said.

“We must do everything to avoid such a catastrophic scenario,” he warned.

Plenković said that this year when temperatures were the highest ever recorded, Croatia experienced record floods and the biggest storm.

He underscored that Croatia stands out within the European Union because it ranks fifth in electricity production from renewable sources, and eighth in consumption of such energy.

Croatia has shown commitment to a sustainable future, which is supported by the fact that it ranks 12th in the world in meeting the United Nations’ sustainability goals.

In addition, it is taking significant steps to introduce ecological principles and criteria into public management and procurement. Croatian operators have managed to reduce emissions by 42 percent and through emission unit trading systems.

Croatia is also taking advantage of its large geothermal potential. With Spain, Croatia implements the DONES project for the development of fusion. It also participates in the North Adriatic Hydrogen Valley project, and wants to play a significant regional role in the future supply of this energy source.

Plenković said that Croatia is not a big polluter, but still aims to double its efforts in the fight climate change.

If Croatia, which recovered from a devastating war that took place three decades ago, can now do more than it is required to, bigger and wealthier countries must not do less, the prime minister said.

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