Croatia’s car sales in 22.5 pct up in September 2022

NEWS 05.10.2022 15:00

In the first nine months of 2022, a total of 35,642 new passenger cars were sold in Croatia, which is 4.6 percent down from the same period of 2021, when 37,392 were sold, according to the data from the Promocija Plus market research agency re-published by the state news agency Hina.

The best-selling car brand this year to date was Volkswagen, with 4,113 cars sold and an 11.5 percent share in total sales. It was followed by Škoda, with 3,434 cars sold and a 9.8 percent share, and Opel, with 3,137 cars sold and an 8.8% share.

The top five brands also included Kia, with 2,956 new cars sold and an 8.2 percent share in total sales, and Dacia, with 2,790 cars sold and a 7.8 percent share.

In September alone this year, 3,397 new vehicles were sold which is a growth of 22.5% compared to last September.

In September 2022, the best-selling car model in Croatia was Skoda Octavia (232 sold), followed by Opel Crossland, with 107 vehicles sold, Toyota Yaris (98), Renault Clio (97), Dacia Duster, Hyundai and Tucson with 96 sold each.

Among luxury vehicles, 29 Porsches, one Ferrari, Maserati and Aston Martin each and 10 MG vehicles were sold in September.

Most of the cars sold in the year through September used petrol for fuel — 18,999 or 53.3 percent; 7,166 cars or 20.1 percent were hybrids, 6,956 or 19.5 percent were powered by diesel, 1,551 or 4.4 percent were powered by natural gas, and 970 or 2.7 percent were electric cars.


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