Croatia’s coronavirus caseload drops 36 pct week-on-week

NEWS 20.05.2021 15:05
Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

"Croatia has seen a weekly drop in new coronavirus cases of 36 percent, and owing to the good figures, Zagreb's Arena sports hall will no longer serve as a provisional facility for the treatment of Covid-19 patients," Health Minister, Vili Beros, and Minister of the Interior, Davor Bozinovic, said on Thursday.

Speaking at a government session, Beros said that 33 percent of the adult population had been vaccinated against Covid-19 and that compared to last week, there had been a 36 percent drop in the number of new infections.

“The number of new cases is continuing to fall, and the number of hospitalizations has dropped by close to 18 percent,” said Beros.

The Health Ministry has instructed public health institute branches to introduce more time slots for the vaccination of all those interested in getting vaccinated, Beros said, calling on all Croatians to register for immunization.

He said that vaccination had been stepped up at all vaccination points and that a growing number of employees in essential industries and other priority professions were getting vaccinated.

Owing to the improved situation, the national coronavirus task force, led by Interior Minister, Davor Bozinovic, decided to “demobilise” the Zagreb Arena sports hall – one of Zagreb’s largest sports venues which had been used as a secondary location for treating Covid patients with less severe symptoms.


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