Croatia’s FM says doubts regarding Sweden, Finland’s NATO bid will be removed

NEWS 15.05.2022 13:14
Source: N1

Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic Radman said in Berlin on Saturday that he believes the NATO ministerial meeting to be held in the German capital will help remove doubts voiced by Turkey, which is opposed to the admission of Sweden and Finland to NATO.

“Of course we have to see what Turkey’s position on the matter is but I’m confident that eventually unity will prevail when it comes to the accession of Finland and Sweden, with which we share the same values, and that we will find common ground,” the Croatian minister said ahead of the meeting.

The informal two-day meeting of NATO member countries’ foreign ministers will focus on three topics – on Saturday the ministers will discuss Sweden and Finland’s announcement that they will apply for NATO membership, while on Sunday they are expected to discuss the consequences of the Russian aggression on Ukraine and NATO’s strategic concept, which should be adopted at a summit in Madrid in late June.

The foreign ministers of Finland and Sweden will also be attending the Berlin meeting.

“What is important is that with regard to Russia’s aggression on Ukraine we take a clear stand and define the alliance’s relations with Russia,” Grlic Radman said.

“I will underline the need for NATO’s stronger engagement in Southeast Europe, that is the Western Balkans, with regard to democratic and all the other reform processes in those countries so that we encourage them in their NATO membership bid,” he said.

He added that he would put emphasis on the crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the need to change the country’s election law to make it reflect “the adoption of important changes regulating the equality of the three constituent peoples in line with the Dayton-Paris Agreement.”

“Only an institutionally functional BiH, based on the equality of the three constituent peoples and other citizens, can be prosperous and have a prospect of EU and NATO membership,” said Grlic Radman.


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