Croatia’s foreign trade deficit shrinks to €550m in January 2021

Pixabay (ilustracija)

In January 2021 Croatia exported €1.1 billion worth of goods, down 4.6 percent year-on-year, while imports dropped 13.8 percent to €1.66 billion, the state statistics bureau said on Thursday. The foreign trade deficit shrank by 27 percent to €549.8 million and the coverage of imports with exports was 67 percent.

Croatia exported €717.7 million worth of goods to the EU (8.2 percent down) and €342.4 million worth to non-EU countries (4.4 percent up).

Imports from the EU dropped 15.4 percent to €1.34 billion, while imports from non-EU countries dropped 6.6 percent to € 323 million.

The state statistics bureau also released revised data on the foreign trade in goods in 2020 which showed that exports dropped by 2.3 percent to €14.87 billion and imports by 8.6 percent to €22.8 billion. The foreign trade deficit was €7.9 billion.