Croatia’s Jan-Oct 2022 exports increase by 33.4 pct, imports by 50.4 pct

Ilustracija / Pexels

Croatia's commodity exports from January to October 2022 reached €19.8 billion, or 33.4 percent up year-on-year, while imports increased by 50.3 percent, to €34.7 billion. The foreign trade deficit was €14.9 billion, and coverage of imports by exports was 57.1 percent.

Exports to other EU countries amounted to €13.6 billion, an increase of 34.5 percent year-on-year, while imports from the EU rose by 37.1 percent to €24.2 billion. Exports to non-EU countries went up by 30.9 percent to €6.2 billion and imports from them surged by 93.8 percent to €10.5 billion.

These figures, released by the state statistics bureau, suggest that EU markets accounted for 68.7 percent of Croatia’s total exports, and 69.7 percent of its total imports in the first ten months of 2022.