Croatia’s March 2021 net salary inches up to €949

NEWS 20.05.2021 14:44
Source: Morgue File

Croatia's average take-home pay in March was 7,138 kuna (€949), or 6.3 percent up year-on-year in nominal terms and 5.0 percent up in the real terms, according to the data released by the state statistics bureau DZS on Thursday.

Compared to February 2021, the average net salary inched up 1.4 percent in nominal terms and 0.3 percent in the real terms in comparison to February 2021.

The highest average net salary was in what DZS calls “information service activities,” totaling 13,237 kuna (€1,760) while the lowest earnings were in clothing industry, at 4,387 kuna (€583).

Median net earnings for March 2021 amounted to 6,000 kuna (€800), while median gross earnings amounted to 7,728 kuna (€1,027). It means that half of the people employed were paid less and the other half more than this net amount.

(€1 = 7.52 kuna)


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