Daily: Alarm on Croatian gas market

NEWS 30.03.202314:06

A share of the traders believe that the new purchase price of gas of €41 is unsustainable and could lead to a market collapse, the Jutarnji List daily wrote on Thursday.

The suggested gas purchase price of €41 per megawatt hour from 1 April is unsustainable and could lead to the collapse of the domestic gas market, the head of one of the largest domestic gas traders told Jutarnji List, asking the daily not to mention his position and the company he comes from due to the company’s position on the market.

Croatian gas consumers must know what is happening, and as far as we can see, none of the authorities want to tell them the truth that the new methodology of the Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency for Gas Prices (HERA) will affect the public supply service if nothing changes in the period until 1 April as it puts gas suppliers in an unsustainable position because they procured gas for the next season at a significantly higher price than 41 euros per megawatt hour, the same source told the daily.

When asked why the largest gas suppliers, primarily Gradska plinara Zagreb-Opskrba, which supplies gas to the largest number of households in the country, do not protest against the proposed purchase price of €41 per megawatt hour, the source says that “the official decision on the price of gas has not yet been made.”

The formal decision on the gas procurement price is in the hands of HERA, which on 26 March concluded a public consultation on the new methodology for determining the amount of tariffs for the public service gas supply and guaranteed supply, in which the disputed gas procurement price of €41 per megawatt hour or four cents per kilowatt hour has been proposed.