Daily: Constitutional Court to repeal Constituencies Act?

NEWS 04.02.2023 13:33

The Constitutional Court will on Tuesday hold a session at which, among other things, it will finally state its position on current constituencies in the light of the next parliamentary election, the Vecernji List daily reported in its Saturday issue.

This information was confirmed unofficially to the daily by a source at the Constitutional Court, but the source would not speculate on what the court would decide.

The Constitutional Court judges have three options – to ask the parliament to amend without delay the current law to ensure respect for the principle of equal voting rights, remove the potentially unconstitutional provisions, or do nothing.

Already in 2010 the Court called on parliament to amend the law because the differences in the number of voters in some constituencies were over 5% in relation to the average.

Both the then parliament as well as the subsequent ones ignored the report.

Meanwhile two censuses were conducted, and the results of the last one, conducted in 2021, has shown that the differences in the number of voters in individual constituencies are so high that they could bring into question the constitutionality of the next election, so the Constitutional Court started work on a new decision.

For that purpose, reporting judge Gordan Selanec last summer held consultations that were also attended by representatives of the Justice and Public Administration Ministry, constitutional law experts, political scientists and mathematicians.

Selanec submitted a draft decision on the matter a few months ago and the Constitutional Court was expected to decide on its by the end of last year.

The ruling coalition is to adopt the new election rules by September at the latest and the likeliest solution is for each constituency to elect a different number of deputies, says the daily.


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