Daily: Croats were rearrested in Zambia because of orphanage head’s instructions

NEWS 21.02.202311:42

Zambia has rearrested eight Croatians along with Zambian senior immigration officer Gloria Sakulenga on human trafficking charges because its authorities found the instructions the Croatians received from the runaway head of a Congolese orphanage, Jutarnji List daily said on Tuesday.

“If there is a problem, contact Gloria. She will solve everything” is the message because of which, the daily learned off the record from high political sources, the four Croatian couples were rearrested at Ndola airport as they were leaving Zambia.

They have been charged again with attempting to adopt four children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo with fake documents. Sakluenga has been charged along with them.

That message came from Emmanuel Kabonga, head of the orphanage in the DRC from which the  eight Croatians, first arrested in Zambia in December, as well as many other Croatians adopted children. According to Jutarnji List, Kabonga remains outside the reach of both DRC and Zambian authorities.

The orphanage head’s instructions to the eight Croatians about the procedure awaiting them and where to collect the children they wanted to adopt is part of their correspondence found by Zambian authorities just before the four couples were about to leave Zambia following a judge’s decision that the proceedings against them were suspended, but not that they were acquitted.