Defence Minister: I will not agree to pressure in appointing VSOA director

NEWS 03.10.2022 13:58
Source: N1

Defence Minister Mario Banozic said on Monday he has a candidate to replace the Director of the Military Security and Intelligence Agency (VSOA), after Ivan Kinder tendered his resignation on Friday.

“General Kinder has told me that some people within the military security system did things that were not in line with the law, and in that regard he has my trust because I know him and I know that he would never do something for his own personal gain. He has my support and trust in his further work,” Banozic said.

Banozic said that the manner of the VSOA’s work should be changed, and that this would have been easier had a deputy director been appointed more than a year ago, when he had proposed this in accordance with the rules.

President Zoran Milanovic has said that the appointment of Kinder’s successor can be discussed only as part of a package of high-level appointments in the Armed Forces. Commenting on this statement, Banozic said that he would not agree to pressure.

“I can only agree to propose a list of people who are fit for this position and I will do so in accordance with the law. I expect the new director to be chosen in that way,” the defence minister said.


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