€13.3m scheme available for restoring farm production in quake-hit areas

NEWS 28.12.2021 14:05

A new scheme which will make 100 million kuna (€13.3 million) available to the agricultural sector in the earthquake-affected areas was introduced by the Croatian ministry of agriculture on Tuesday.

The subsidies can range up to 100% of the applications which can be sent from 28 January to 28 March 2022.

The grants under this scheme will be awarded to farms and agricultural producers whose businesses were affected by the devastating quakes in 2020.

A guarantee scheme has been drawn up in cooperation with the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to provide farm producers with advance payments.

In addition, the ministry’s representatives will provide permanent support to the businesses on the ground concerning the tapping of the funds under the said scheme.

So far, farmers and agricultural producers have requested support in the amount of 76 million kuna (€10.13 million) under similar schemes launched after the 2020 tremors.

This aid has pertained to the reconstruction of facilities and business properties.


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