Rimac Group: 50 Neveras and 99 Mistrals sold so far

NEWS 23.03.202314:54
Robert Anic/PIXSELL

The starting price of a Rimac Nevera car is €2 million, 50 of them have already been sold, the production hall of the campus in Kerestinac will be operational by the end of the year, and all 99 Bugatti Mistrals at a price of €5 million have been sold in pre-sale, the company reported on Thursday.

These are some of the novelties from the Rimac Group have been presented in their production plant in Jankomir.

“We are showing how far technology can go. It is not about the mass market but the premium segment,” Rimac Group communications manager Marta Longin said.

The Rimac Group brings together two companies: Bugatti Rimac focused on the design, development and production of hypercars of the brands Bugatti and Rimac Automobili, and Rimac Technology, focused on the development and production of technology and components for automobile manufacturers’ vehicles.

It has more than two thousand employees and a consolidated annual income of 400 million euros. More than half of the employees are engineers.

Their shareholders are Porsche with 20.4 percent, Mate Rimac with 23.4 percent, Softbank with 13.6 percent, Neurone with 10.5 percent, Hyundai with eight percent, and other investors with 24.1 percent.

The group has gone through several successful rounds of capital raising, and since 2017 alone, around €820 million of private capital has been raised in three rounds of financing, from investors such as Porsche, Hyundai, KIA, Investindustrial, Softbank and Goldman Sachs.

It is a parts supplier for major industry brands and a manufacturer of hypercars. So far, it has collected more than €850 million in investments from private investors from abroad.

In May 2022, the company was valued at €2.2 billion. This Croatian company has more than 12 clients in the auto industry, and is currently working on more than 30 projects.

Rimac Group’s production capacity is up to 150 cars per year (Neveras and Bugattis, of which about 90 will be Bugattis).