EU Energy Council adopts gas storage regulation

NEWS 28.06.2022 12:27

Croatian Economy Minister Davor Filipovic attended a Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council meeting in Luxembourg on Monday where a gas storage regulation was adopted.

The regulation aims to ensure that gas storage facilities in the EU are filled before the winter and can be shared between member states in a spirit of solidarity.

The Economy Ministry said on Tuesday the regulation was an important step in strengthening energy supply security in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The ministers also agreed positions on two proposals that tackle the energy aspects of the EU’s climate transition under the ‘Fit for 55’ package – revisions of the energy efficiency and renewable energy directives which will help to achieve climate objectives and reduce dependence on Russia for energy.

They exchanged views on the energy situation in the EU in the context of the war in Ukraine, held a political discussion on current developments in the natural gas sector and shared information on their country’s preparedness level for next winter. They also discussed additional actions to be envisaged in order to strengthen the EU’s common preparation.

Filipovic said Croatia would make sure its gas storage facility was full by the end of October.

The EU welcomes the fact that the Commission is monitoring the situation and updating the preparedness plan as that allows us to respond to possible emergencies, and we also support the voluntary EU gas procurement platform, he said.

Investment in Croatia’s gas pipelines will allow for a considerable increase in supply security in the middle term, Filipovic said, adding that the plan is to increase the capacity of the LNG terminal on Krk by 6.1 billion m3. “That would ensure new quantities of gas for Slovenia, Hungary, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

At Monday’s meeting, the presidency informed the ministers about progress reports on a proposal to reduce methane emissions in the EU and on a proposal on the energy performance of buildings.

Today Filipovic will attend an Environment Council meeting at which ministers will try to reach a general approach on proposals under the ‘Fit for 55’ package and a proposal to curb EU-driven deforestation and forest degradation and the risk of forest degradation.


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