Finance Minister: More than 80% of local government units used opportunity to reduce tax burden

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Finance Minister Marko Primorac said on Monday that of the 302 local government units that had surtaxes, cancelled by changes to tax laws, 242 have decided not to compensate for the loss of revenue by introducing maximum income tax rates to keep their revenue at the same level. Pročitaj više

“More than 80% of local government units that had surtaxes have recognised the opportunity to reduce the tax burden on their residents,” the minister said in response to a question from HDZ MP Darko Sobota.

He showed the effect of the government’s measure on the example of Osijek, where, he said, the tax break for a family with two children is €69 a month or €828 a year.

HDZ MP Maja Grba-Bujevic asked Health Minister Vili Beros to comment on doctors’ criticism about their salaries having gone down due to inflation.

Beros said that the average salary of a medical specialist had increased by as much as 87% from 2016, their base bay by 40% and the coefficient by 86%.

That shows that the government has valued doctors’ work, notably during the COVID-19 crisis, he said, adding that from 2016 to 2022 the budget for doctors’ salaries had increased by €500 million.

In 2023 alone, the wage budget was increased by €226 million, and this year it will be increased by €230 million, he said.

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