Franak NGO calls on Supreme Court to urgently ‘resolve situation’ with CHF loans

NEWS 24.05.202216:16

During a protest rally on Tuesday, the Franak association of citizens with loans pegged to the Swiss franc called on the Supreme Court to urgently resolve the crucial Swiss franc case issues, primarily the nullity of CHF loan contracts and compensation for all consumers with converted loans.

The Franak NGO’s coordinator Goran Aleksic underscored that the issue of null CHF loan contracts had passed all the necessary procedures and now it is only up to the Supreme Court to decide whether a contract with a null foreign currency clause and interest rate is null and void or not.

Aleksic recalled that the NGO had sent protests note to the EU Court of Justice and Croatia’s National Bank, Supreme Court and government. He accused the government of betraying the interest of Croatian citizens when it testified before the EU Court of Justice that the loan conversion fully compensated them, which the NGO considers to be false and shameless betrayal.

The NGO is calling on the government to propose legal solutions that would facilitate access to the courts for all consumers based on a collective ruling, primarily to cancel all court costs for plaintiffs who filed suits over Swiss franc loans.

About 100 protestors gathered today and their demands were supported by lawmakers such as MP Nikola Grmoja (Most), who claimed the government is working against the interests of the Croatian people, and MP Sandra Bencic (We Can), who said that banks need to reimburse citizens for overpaid amounts.