Fund offers €14.4 million scheme to co-fund procurement of Green cars

NEWS 21.06.2022 10:09
Source: Pixabay/Ilustracija

Croatia's Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has announced a public call for applications for co-funding the purchase of energy efficient cars, and this scheme is worth 108.3 million kuna (€14.4 million), the Fund reported on Tuesday.

Under the scheme, 103.3 million kuna (€13.7 million) is set aside to co-fund the procurement of low emission cars by citizens and companies, and the remaining five million kuna (€665,000) will be used to co-finance such procurement by the legal entities in the public sector.

The Fund has reported that 45 car dealers have responded to the proposal for co-funding Green cars, and they are selling 81 car brands with 539 models.

The Fund can cover up to 40% of admissible costs.

The total amounts of incentives depend on the category of Green cars.

For instance, an incentive for a plug-in hybrid vehicle of M1 category can be up to 40,000 kuna (€5,320), and a buyer of M1 category electric car can count up to 70,000 kuna (€9310).

(€1 = 7.51 kuna)


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