Government to unveil energy saving recommendations on Thursday

NEWS 25.07.2022 14:55
Source: Shutterstock / Ilustracija

Economy Minister Davor Filipovic on Monday expressed hope that a compromise solution to the proposal to reduce natural gas consumption in the European Union would be found at a special meeting of EU energy ministers in Brussels on Tuesday.

Asked at a press conference about Croatia’s position on energy saving, Filipovic said that Croatia had studied the European Commission’s guidelines and could meet the proposed natural gas consumption reduction target of 15 per cent.

“During talks this morning with members of the energy crisis response team and other energy experts, none of them said that the 15 per cent reduction target was unattainable for Croatia or that it would have an adverse impact on the Croatian economy,” Filipovic said.

He announced that the government would unveil a set of recommendations and guidelines on energy saving for the public sector and households at its meeting on Thursday.


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