Justice ministry proposes pay rise for judges and prosecutors

NEWS 23.03.202311:57
Pexels / Ilustracija

The justice ministry has prepared a proposal for an 8 percent increase in the base pay of judicial officials, plus an increase in the job complexity coefficient for judges and prosecutors in municipal courts and prosecutorial offices, who are now the least paid.

This proposal will be discussed by a task force, the ministry points out, stating that the base pay has not been changed since 2019, when it was increased by six percent – the percentage that was previously reduced in 2014.

The base pay is for calculation, according to the current law, is €625.2 gross, while in 2009 it was €646.87 gross. The base for calculating the salaries of judicial officials was reduced by 4.6 percent in 2009, by an additional three percent in 2013, and by six percent in 2014.

The ministry states that they are aware of the problem of insufficient salaries of first-level judicial officials, as well as the fact that the base has been unchanged for years, which was also pointed out in the reports of the President of the Supreme Court and the Chief State Attorney.

Regarding the proposal according to which the base of judicial officials would be increased by eight percent, the ministry says that it was adopted taking into account economic trends, inflation, as well as the fact that the base for calculating the salaries of civil servants and state employees is again increased by two percent in April, which with the previous increase of six percent, it is eight percent.

The ministry points out that they are preparing a comprehensive reform of the wage system in the state administration and public services, within which they will try to solve the disparity in existing salaries.

This reform will cover the salaries of employees in education, healthcare, and the police, as well as the salaries of officials and employees in the judicial system.