Media minister: Freedom of expression is important ‘more than ever before’

NEWS 03.05.2022 20:08
Source: N1

"Freedom of expression, the fight against disinformation, and journalistic professionalism are more important today than ever before," Culture and Media Minister, Nina Obuljen-Korzinek said in a message marking the World Press Freedom Day on Tuesday.

“After the challenges of a global pandemic and disastrous earthquakes, we are marking this year’s World Press Freedom Day in the shadow of a terrible war tragedy on the European continent. We are aware that freedom of expression, the fight against disinformation, ensuring a free space for the media and strengthening the professional work of journalists are more important today than ever before,” Obuljen-Korzinek was quoted as saying by state agency Hina.

She said that freedom of the press was the foundation of every democratic society, emphasizing the importance of free, independent and pluralistic media based on freedom of information and expression.

Condemning threats against journalists, the minister said that her ministry would continue to support independent media and media literacy programs aimed at promoting critical thinking of media content.

“The Croatian government is committed to improving the status of the media. For this purpose we are reviewing and updating the legislative framework and ensuring new sources of funding for publishers and journalists,” Obuljen-Korzinek said in her press release, adding that through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan the government will finance “a project to establish a fact-checking system.”

Hina did not clarify what this project might entail.


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