Milanovic: Army barracks in Petrinja can take in hundreds

NEWS 29.12.2020 16:36
Državni vrh obišao Petrinju koja je stradala u potresu
Source: Državni vrh obišao Petrinju koja je stradala u potresu

President Zoran Milanovic said in Petrinja on Tuesday, after a 6.2 earthquake, that the local barracks could take in several hundred people in need of accommodation and that the town would be rebuilt with European funds.

“This is horrible. It’s been a difficult year, terrible. This is like adding insult to injury. The town will be rebuilt. A child’s life has been lost,” the president told press while touring Petrinja.

He voiced hope that there will not be many victims. But, he said, even one life is too much because we have suffered a lot in the past 30 years.

“This town is impoverished. Here are buildings built… 150 years ago. A huge amount of money will be needed. The money will be found,” Milanovic said, adding that Slovenian President Borut Pahor had called him.

Responding to questions, he said he was not worried that Croatia might not get enough money, adding that Albania managed to draw over €1 billion after last year’s devastating quake.

“The town will be rebuilt, but no one will be able to compensate for people’s emotional and spiritual damage.”

The president said old and dilapidated buildings in Zagreb should be either renovated or demolished.


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