Minister: Croatia is ‘better than Germany, Italy’ in healthcare computerisation

NEWS 27.03.202317:26
Pixabay / Ilustracija

Health Minister Vili Beros on Monday commented on the computerisation of the healthcare system, saying that Croatia "is doing pretty well", similar to Scandinavian countries and better than Germany and Italy, noting that "big strides are being made towards further computerisation."

He underlined the project of electronic medical records (eKarton), which makes it possible for discharge papers and specialist test results to be shared between medical institutions. The infrastructure to put it into operation has been secured by all medical institutions but not all staff use it, Beros said.

So far, hospitals have been instructed twice to start using the system, he said, adding that one was also considering not paying hospitals for the procedures provided if they fail to enter test results in eKarton.

He said that he was glad that there was progress in that regard as only a few months ago, only 45% of medical test results were entered in eKarton while now that share is over 85%.

The plan for the next six months to a year is to integrate with the eKarton system the emergency medical service so that the doctor on the ground can have all the necessary information on the patient requiring help, he said.