PM: There is strength and space for more measures to mitigate inflation impact

NEWS 23.11.2022 21:51
Source: Saborska TV

Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said on Wednesday that the 2023 budget proposal ensured funds for the growth of wages and pensions and more funds for war veterans and the armed forces, announcing possible new measures to mitigate the impact of inflation.

“We have the space and strength, if there is need, and given the circumstances there will be, the measures will be precise and comprehensive, as we have done so far, we will resolve it in the future and you will be satisfied,” Plenkovic said in response to Branko Grcic’s (SDP) question about what will happen at the end of March next year when all the current measures expire.

“We will also reduce excise duties on heating oil to further help citizens,” the prime minister said during the debate in parliament on the 2023 budget.

The number of persons at risk of poverty in Croatia has continued to decline and is much lower than when we took office, Plenkovic said in response to questions from MPs.

Asked by Daniel Spajic (DP party) and Barbara Antolic-Vupora (SDP) about the growth of pensions, Plenkovic noted the growth in the previous period, adding that as of 1 January the lowest pensions would increase by an additional 3%. He said that a fiscal capacity would be created to help pensioners “not once or twice but several times” with one-off payments. He said the indexation would remain as it is.

Dalija Oreskovic (Centre) and Katarina Peović (Workers’ Front) wanted to know whether the government had paid €230 million to MOL for arbitration costs, to which Plenkovic answered in the negative.

“I now personally warn you, if the payment is made, that will be a pure crime. I will personally file a criminal complaint against you,” Oreskovic told the prime minister.

In answer to questions from MPs, Plenkovic said that the fight against corruption continues and that it gives results.

‘All government departments are engaged in post-earthquake reconstruction’

As for the process of post-earthquake reconstruction, he said that the government is providing aid and that housing reconstruction is intensifying. All government departments are engaged in this process, he added.

Asked about the purchase of French-made Rafale aircraft, Plenkovic said that Croatian pilots are currently undergoing training in France and that technical maintenance staff have already received training.

MP Branko Bacic of the ruling HDZ said that some of the opposition parties have misgivings about providing assistance to Ukraine and asked Finance Minister Marko Primorac to explain.

The government, acting on the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, may issue guarantees for assistance to Ukraine, and Parliament’s approval is required only in the case of borrowing from international financial institutions. In this case the decision rests with the European Commission because it is the EU that is borrowing, Primorac said, adding that €18 billion has been allocated for this purpose for next year.


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