Poll: N1 is the most trusted news website in Bosnia and Herzegovina!


The N1 web portal is the portal that the audience in Bosnia and Herzegovina trusts the most, the latest Ipsos survey showed.

In relation to the competition, the portal ba.n1info.com stood out in the Ipsos web content consumption survey, as the portal in which visitors have the most confidence and which brings the most current and reliable news.

The survey participants noted the speed at which the N1 portal published the latest news as one of its biggest advantages.

The results of the dedicated work of the top team of journalists from the N1 portal were recognized among the audience, who most commonly associated the N1 portal with notions of reliability, proven facts, high quality, speed, objectivity and up-to-date information, the survey showed.

A new survey conducted online on a sample of 1,000 viewers of news TV content aged 18 to 54 across Bosnia and Herzegovina, for the needs of our media house, showed that N1 television is the medium through which viewers are most often informed and a news outlet they trust the most.

Nearly eight years ago, we promised our viewers and readers throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina that N1 will be a trusted brand, that we will only place reliable, verified and accurate information, and we keep that promise today.

The top team of professionals working in our media house is most responsible for the leading positions held by N1 television and the ba.n1info.com portal in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Thank you for your trust and stay with us!