Porec opens Solar Office for citizens interested in solar energy

NEWS 03.02.2023 14:20

The City of Porec opened a Solar Office on Friday where citizens will be able to book an appointment and receive free advice and technical support regarding the possibility of using solar energy through their own solar power plant.

Porec has thus provided its citizens with a place where they can get answers about solar photovoltaic power plants and how they work, as well as the information needed to install a solar power plant, including a list of national bodies that publish tenders for the co-financing of solar power plants.

According to the director of the Parentium city company, Gordana Lalic, the office can provide answers to questions that bother all those who want to set up their own solar power plant, and the City of Porec is the first local government unit to have decided to open a Solar Office.

The office is one of the activities that are part of implementing the Balkan Solar Roofs project, which is financed under the European Climate Initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Measures. The total value of the project is €442,294.


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