President: Hrvoj-Sipek should never have been appointed state attorney general

NEWS 02.12.2021 16:46
Source: N1, Ilustracija

President Zoran Milanovic on Thursday commented on the findings of an inspection of the USKOK anti-corruption office's work in the Software case, calling it "HDZ-level cynicism" and saying that Zlata Hrvoj-Sipek should not have been appointed state attorney general.

“Instead of those people being removed, they will go as righteous people,” Milanovic told the press, adding that they should be sacked but not go to prison “because I don’t think there was criminal intent.”

“But they are incompetent people for whom this (job) is too difficult. This is too much for their knowledge and experience and for their hearts, because they are afraid and no one supervises them,” he said.

‘Hrvoj-Sipek is state attorney general because of deal with HDZ party’

The president went on to say that Hrvoj-Sipek should have ceased being state attorney general two weeks ago and that she should never have been appointed in the first place, adding that she was because of “a deal” with the ruling HDZ party.

“Never, because of inexperience, and now we see also because of some ethical tenets. The public must trust the state attorney general. The public does not trust her and this person, and those who installed her, has contributed to that herself,” the president said, adding that Hrvoj-Sipek was caught lying.


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