Report: Companies based in Osijek-Baranja County posted €243m profit in 2021

Davor Javorovic/PIXSELL

Companies based in Croatia's eastern Osijek-Baranja County generated a consolidated net profit of 1.83 billion kuna (€243 million) in 2021, which is 41 percent up year-on-year, the state news platform Hina reported, carrying a publicly released report by the state financial agency Fina.

In 2021, there were 6,134 registered businesses in that county, employing 43,413 people, an increase of 1,797 workers or 4.3 percent compared to 2020. Last year, they generated total revenue of 33.5 billion kuna (€4.45 billion), which is 19.5 percent up from 2020, and their total expenses jumped by 18.5 percent to 31.4 billion kuna (€4.17 billion).

The value of exports jumped by 20.3 percent to 6.7 billion kuna (€890 million), and imports by 25.3 percent to 4.7 billion kuna (€624 million).  Gross investments in new fixed assets amounted to 960.8 million kuna (€127 million), or 0.3 percent down from 2020.

The average monthly net salary in that county was 5,361 kuna (€712) or 5.3 percent up from 2020, but still 15.6 percent lower than the national average of 6,350 kuna (€843) last year.

Compared to Croatia’s other 20 counties, Osijek-Baranja County ranks fourth in terms of labor productivity, measured by the revenue-to-employees ratio, and placed fifth in terms of net profit to number of employees.

The largest city, Osijek, tops the list of towns in terms of registered businesses, with 3,426, or more than half in the entire country, based there. Osijek also accounts for half of all jobs in the county, at 22,701.

(€1 = 7.53 kuna)