Ruling party founders condemn President Milanovic’s statements on Ukraine

NEWS 30.01.2023 17:48
N1, Ilustracija

The association of founders of the ruling Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) on Monday condemned the statement made by President Zoran Milanovic at the ceremonial send-off of the 3rd Croatian contingent to NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence mission in Lithuania, saying they do not know who he represents.

The association expressed concern about the president’s statements, saying that such irrational and extremely dangerous discourse could be binding on Croatia in the future.

“That is not just the question of Ukraine. Ukraine is only the most glaring example of his irresponsibility and the miserable and sad state of his impoverished spirit and the questionable quality of his incoherent judgement,” the association said in a statement.

It said that the president is trying to break up the European Union while mocking NATO and the Croatian state and that his behaviour requires a reaction.

“It has been obvious for a while that Milanovic is trying to cut short the war by pandering to Russia and coveting a carve-up of Ukraine as security for a European truce,” the association said.


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