Serbian President Vucic says early elections are certain

NEWS 08.06.202315:15 0 komentara

“Count on my resignation, you have it on the table,” said Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, adding she believes that parliamentary elections by yearend are a way out of the crisis in Serbia, while Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said it is now clear that Serbia will have early parliamentary elections.

“As Prime Minister I told the people that I am prepared to resign at any time, it is my greatest honor to perform this duty, my greatest happiness is that I had the opportunity to work for my country,” said Brnabic.

President Vucic said they will keep “waiting for some people to come and talk,”

„But it is clear to us that they are hoping for some other things, which will never happen. This country has seen too much violence since the 1990s. We will continue to wait for those who will show a little responsibility and I believe that we will find counterparts among those who should show more seriousness. If not, we will have elections,” said Vucic.

He added that they are prepared to agree “on the date of the elections and whether they should be held at the same time as some others,” but that this is not a matter of a party’s will.

“It is not a matter of a party’s will, but of talks between all political factors, but certainly not a place where the minority will overpower the majority. But the majority will also try to be fair and serious and to do its best to reach some kind of technical agreement with the representatives of the minority,” said the Serbian President.

It is now clear that we will have early parliamentary elections, said Vucic, stressing that there will be no interim Government.

Prime Minister Brnabic said she does not think that everything they did was perfect, that some decisions had to be made in a short period of time, but that she thinks the results are “unquestionable, clear and that Serbia has never progressed this way.”

“E-administration is one of my legacies, when I became minister of state administration even our registration books were on paper. The digitalization that only Vucic believed in back then, and very few politicians, none in the opposition. Not everything was perfect, but we did our best and I think we have results that each and every one of us and of our citizens can be proud of,” she said.

She said the monstrous crimes that happened in Serbia have shocked, affected and deeply changed us.

“I think that, after such tragedies, neither this country nor any one of us will ever be the same. I once again want to express my deepest condolences to the families. As the Government, we invested effort, together with the President, like we always do, we immediately adopted certain measures so our country would be safer,” said Brnabic.