Survey: Croatians to travel this winter more than in 2019 winter season

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Croatians have made more trips this year than in 2022, and plan also more inbound and outbound trips for this winter season, show a Masterindex survey by Mastercard.

The survey, conducted in October, regarding travel habits among 1,000 respondents show that broken by type, 60% of travels this year have been for holidays and for tourist purposes, while 40% trips have been business trips.

The stats on frequency of trips in a year for 2023 have exceeded the stats for 2019, the survey shows.

Furthermore, travellers have made three inbound trips in 2023, as against 2.5 trips in Croatia in 2022, and they have made 1.1 trips abroad as against 0.7 trip abroad on average in 2022.

Plans for winter trips in 2023

The respondents aged between 18 and 29 and those whose monthly income is above €1,200 are more avid travellers and they  mainly plan to make Advent and Christmas trips in European destinations this year.

One in four respondents plan to go on skiing holidays abroad, and one in five respondents plan to have a New Year trip in some city in Europe.

The average spending on a trip abroad this year has come to €757, rising by 93 euros from the average sum of €664 in 2022.

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