Transport of passengers down 31 pct, goods 4.5 pct, in Q1 2021

NEWS 20.05.2021 10:34
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A total of 11.3 million passengers were transported in Croatia by all means of transport in the first three months of 2021, some 5.2 million or 31 percent down from the same period in 2020. At the same time, the transport of goods dropped by 4.5 percent to close to 28 million tonnes.

According to preliminary figures released by the state statistics bureau on Thursday, in Q1 2021 the most passengers, 7 million, were transported by bus, a drop of 32 percent from Q1 2020. As for the transport of goods, 18 million out of the total 28 million tonnes of commodities were transported by road, a 7.4 percent drop from Q1 2020.

Goods were also transported by ship, with 4.2 million tonnes of commodities transported that way, which is as much as 12 percent up from Q1 2020.

Three and a half million tonnes of goods were transported by rail, 3.6 percent down from Q1 2020, while transport via inland waterways saw a drop of 17 percent compared to Q1 2020, to 948,000 tonnes. Around two million tonnes of goods were transported by pipelines.

As for air transport, 298 tonnes of goods were transported by plane in Q1 2021, a 41 percent drop from the same period of last year.


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