Zambia: Four Croatian couples arrested again

NEWS 07.02.2023 17:24
Emica Elvedji / Pixsell

The Zambia Department of Immigration has again arrested eight Croatian nationals only a day after they were discharged by a court in the Zambian city of Ndola after the prosecution discontinued a case involving attempted child trafficking charges against them.

A court in Ndola on Monday discharged the eight Croatians, ordering them to leave the country within the next 48 hours, but they were arrested again on instructions from the National Prosecution Authority (NPA), the Zambian news agency Mwebantu said on Tuesday.

An official at the Department of Immigration, Namati Nshinka, has confirmed the arrest.

“I can confirm the eight Croatians have been re-arrested. We received instructions from the NPA to re-arrest,” Nshinka said.

Why the Croatians were detained today and taken from the airport is not yet known. The Zambian news agency did not publish any information about that.

The Croatian Foreign and European Affairs Ministry has not yet commented on the latest developments.

The four Croatian couples were arrested early in December at the airport of Ndola, Zambia’s third largest city, on suspicion of child trafficking and document forgery because the validity of the documents on the adoption of minor children from the Democratic Republic of the Congo was questionable.

Two weeks ago they were released after meeting all the conditions set by the court.


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