2 fans, several officers injured in clash between riotous Hajduk fans and police

NEWS 22.05.2022 12:05
Goran Stanzl/PIXSELL

Two Hajduk supporters were wounded on Saturday when the police that were escorting groups of fans of the Split-based football club from Zagreb to Split were forced to use firearms to bring under control riotous crowds at the Desinec rest area, with several police officers being injured in the incident.

The incident happened at 2130 hours Saturday, when about 1,600 fans who were being transported in buses, vans and personal cars stopped at the Desinec rest area and obstructed traffic along that part of the Zagreb-Split motorway.

The disorderly crowd ignored the warnings from the law-enforcement authorities and several hundred fans assaulted the accompanying police officers, the Zagreb police stated on Saturday night.

Therefore the police opened fire and in the incident the two men sustained light injuries.

All the wounded persons are out of a life-threatening condition.

An investigation is under way.

On Saturday afternoon, the Zagreb-based Dinamo beat Hajduk 3-1, and won this year’s national championship.


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