Agriculture Minister denies media reports about job fixing

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N1 / Ivan Hrstić

Agriculture Minister Marija Vuckovic on Wednesday denied media reports about possible job fixing at the Hrvatske Sume state-owned forest management company via its CEO Kurnoslav Jakupcic, saying that she had never asked him for favours that would be contrary to law.

The minister said in a statement for the media that in the case of Domagoj Magdic, employed at Sumarija Josipdol forestry office, she requested on one occasion to check if he met conditions for another position, in line with the staff establishment plan. The correspondence published by the media shows that Jakupcic replied to her stating the conditions required for the position in question.

“On no other occasion did I make any inquiries with regard to Mr Magdic,” the minister said.

She went on to say that it is not true that she requested the hiring of a specific trainee via a text message, noting that, after receiving inquiries at various events and meetings, she in fact asked if Hrvatske Sume hire trainee forestry engineers in Dalmatia at all.

As for messages mentioning the transfer of a specific person, Vuckovic claims the person in question was an employee at the Sumarija Donji Lapac forestry office and was pregnant at the time and had difficulty travelling to work to Donji Lapac.

That person was transferred to the Sumarija Lekenik forestry office and according to the latest information, she works in the same position as a forestry engineer, Vuckovic said.

With regard to the Cedar company, Vuckovic said that she did not see any messages that would be hers in the published correspondence, noting that she remembers a letter sent to her by a local government unit in which that company was based.

Vuckovic said that as far as she could remember, the company in question went bankrupt, settling its debt to Hrvatske Sume before that.

“None of the persons mentioned in the text messages was hired during my term in office,” Vuckovic said.

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