Borrell: EU will protect the spirit of Dayton Peace Agreement

NEWS 06.04.2022 21:59
Source: FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP, Ilustracija

Answering MEP’s question at the plenary session on Wednesday, Josep Borrell the EU’s High Representative for Foreign and Security Affairs said the EU will support Bosnia and the spirit of the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Zeljana Zovko, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, joined the discussion, asking Borrell about the next steps the European Union intends to take in supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In his response, Borrell touched on the Council’s conclusions, which mentioned the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He said EU leaders had reaffirmed their commitment to the country’s European perspective, adding that BiH leaders needed to finalize an agreement on electoral reform as soon as possible, which is key to the country’s stability and functionality.

Zovko then asked Borrell about EUFOR Althea’s peacekeeping operation.

Borrell replied that discrimination in Bosnia and Herzegovina should be eliminated in accordance with the rulings of the European Court of Human Rights. “Our job is, and will remain, to protect the spirit of Dayton, which includes one state, two entities and three constituent peoples, with equal protection of the rights of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he said.

In the context of Operation Althea, Borrell mentioned that he had asked for an increase of 500 troops from the reserve to ensure peace and stability and prevent what could happen if there is no agreement allowing the elections to be conducted peacefully and positively.

Furthermore, Borrell said that the extension of the mission is not in his hands, but that he expects the members of the Security Council to extend its mandate.


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