Croatian government sets new price caps on fuels

NEWS 08.08.202213:00 0 komentara
Vlada RH

The Croatian government adopted a new decree on fuel prices on Monday, further reducing the prices of Eurosuper 95 petrol and Eurodiesel, by 0.70 and 0.66 kuna per litre respectively.

As of Tuesday, the price of Eurosuper 95 will be capped at 11.30 kuna per litre, a reduction of 0.70 kuna, while Eurodiesel will be sold at 12.14 kuna per litre and blue-dyed diesel at 8.50 kuna per litre, which are reductions of 0.66 kuna, the government decided in a conference call on Monday.

The latest calculation will be in force for the next seven days and will apply only to fuels without multifunctional additives (Eurosuper 95, Eurodiesel and blue-dyed diesel), while prices of premium fuels can be formed freely.

The government noted that without the latest intervention Eurosuper 95 would have cost 13.19 kuna, Eurodiesel 14.49 kuna and blue-dyed diesel 9.40 kuna per litre.

Last Tuesday, Eurosuper 95 was sold at 12 kuna per litre, Eurodiesel at 12.80 kuna and blue-dyed diesel at 9.16 kuna per litre.

The government said that its intervention was due to sudden changes in prices of oil and oil products on global and Mediterranean markets.

(€1 = 7.5 kuna)