Croatian telecoms see roaming traffic rise by up to 30% during summer

NEWS 02.10.202311:07 0 komentara

Roaming traffic in Croatia during this year's summer tourist season was up to 30% higher than at the same time in 2022, according to the three largest telecommunications operators in the country.

Because of the increased number of tourist arrivals in Croatia, every year and in particular during the summer months, the telecommunications companies increase their network capacity in tourist destination areas to ensure the smooth functioning of the roaming services.

The data from the Croatian Tourist Board shows that 5.5 million foreign nationals visited Croatia in June 2023, up by 18% compared with June 2022, 10 million visited the country in July (+11.2%) and 14.2 million in August (+8%).

All foreign tourists, whether they come from EU countries, for which roaming is charged the same as communication in their own country, or whether they come from outside the European Union and Europe, for which roaming is charged at different tariffs, expect good telecommunication services and quick and easy internet access.