Croatia’s President blasts alleged non-paper on changing borders in Balkans

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Croatian President Zoran Milanovic on Saturday blasted an alleged document on changing the borders in the Balkans, saying he hoped it did not come from Slovenia.

In the past few days, the public in the region has been focusing on an alleged non-paper on changing the borders of the Balkan states and reorganising them along ethnic lines. According to the media, the authors are Slovenia’s highest officials, which they have denied.

“Regarding a peaceful break-up in Bosnia and Herzegovina – that’s such a flippant and dangerous topic that it shouldn’t be put even in a non-paper, regardless of who did that,” Milanovic told the press.

“Any peaceful break-up, Croatia all the way to the Drina river, Belgrade to the Una river – that’s out of the question,” Milanovic said.

Slovenian President Borut Pahor told the press on Friday that he was committed to BiH’s integrity, that he was against changing the borders in the Balkans and that he was pushing for stepping up the inclusion of all states in the region into the EU.

Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa denied sending to Brussels any non-paper on that. Media close to him say such accusations are an attempt by the Slovenian opposition to compromise him before Slovenia takes over the EU presidency in July.

Milanovic said he hoped the unofficial diplomatic document did not come from Ljubljana because “objectively, I respect them a lot and don’t think they are that thick.”

“Whether this is coming from (Jansa) or not, I don’t know, but I would tell the author of that to keep their fingers off Bosnia and Herzegovina,” he added.

Milanovic dismissed the possibility of BiH breaking up and asked for Croats there to given back the fundamental constitutional rights stemming from the Dayton Peace Agreement, rights which he said “have been denied to them, even stolen from them.”

He said “it’s a fact that nothing will come of BiH’s break-up,” adding that BiH Presidency chairman Milorad Dodik would not like that but that he believed Dodik too was aware of that.

Milanovic said he did not believe that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic would back the idea of Kosovo and Albania uniting.

The Slovenian web portal Necenzurirano has run the content of the non-paper, written in English and without header or signature, and it was carried by many other media in Slovenia, underlining that it was not confirmed either by the European Council or the European Commission.

The unofficial diplomatic document, entitled “Western Balkans – A Way Forward”, concerns the division of BiH, the annexation of its Serb entity to Serbia and the unification of Kosovo and Albania, the web portal said.

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