DOK-ING presents remote-controlled system for underground mining

NEWS 04.04.2022 20:40
Source: DOK-ING

DOK-ING, a leading Croatian producer of robotic systems for hazardous and harmful environments, on Monday presented its remote-controlled fleet of machines for underground mining.

These innovative robots that represent the so-called electric narrow reef equipment (NRE) are a unique solution globally, with the aim to increase safety and productivity in material-handling operations.

The NRE machines are used to enable the production of platinum from very low profiles. The DOK-ING founder and owner, Vjekoslav Majetic, said today that the company is a reputable exporter, and these robotised machines would operate in foreign mines.

Majetic stopped short of saying the price of these robots. The machines are designed to work in areas with widths to 1.7m and have efficient and safe drilling performance.


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