Economy Minister: 84.2 million kuna to be granted to green cities

Source: Fabrice COFFRINI / AFP /ilustracija

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund has provided 84.2 million kuna to local and regional government units to co-finance projects to implement measures to adapt to climate change, Economy and Sustainable Development Minister Davor Filipovic said on Thursday.

“We are witnessing extreme weather conditions this autumn and there is no doubt that they are a clear sign of climate change. By investing in appropriate infrastructure, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development and the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund want to make our cities and municipalities more resilient to current and future changes and the damage that climate change can cause,” Minister Filipovic said.

Local and regional government units will be allocated 84.2 million kuna through a public call by the Fund to co-finance projects for the implementation of climate change adaptation measures.

The projects should refer to the development of green infrastructure, including investments in the preservation and restoration of habitats, as well as making new green areas, including tree colonnades, urban forests and walkways, as well as safe points in case of extreme weather conditions, such as heatwave shelters.

In addition, the greening of canopies at public transport stops and public parking lots, parks and other networks of public gatherings will be co-financed. Projects can also include the construction of walking or cycling infrastructure in cities, especially tourist destinations, as well as the construction of public taps with drinking water.

In addition, financial resources will be available for projects to inform the public about climate change along with educational projects in schools and kindergartens.

Interested regional and local government units can submit their applications to the Fund and their projects can be eligible for co-financing in the amount of a maximum HRK 3 million, or 80% of eligible costs. Exceptionally, cities with more than 35,000 inhabitants and counties can submit a maximum of two applications.

(€1 = 7.5 kuna)


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