Fina: 233,237 citizens with frozen bank accounts at end July

NEWS 12.08.202212:26 0 komentara
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At the end of July, there were 233,237 citizens and 14,178 business entities with frozen bank accounts, owing HRK 18.5 billion and HRK 4.3 billion in total debt principal respectively, the Financial Agency (Fina) said on Friday.

The number of consumers who defaulted on their payments decreased by 0.7% from June 2022 and by 3.9% from July 2021. Their debt principal increased by HRK 2.6 million or 0.01% month on month and by HRK 613.95 million or 3.4% year on year.

If the interest debt of HRK 6.6 billion is added, the total debt of citizens with frozen accounts at the end of July 2022 was HRK 25.16 billion.

The largest portion of debt, HRK 5.7 billion (without interest), related to consumer debt to banks as creditors, while debt to all financial institutions amounted to HRK 6.5 billion.

The number of business entities with frozen bank accounts decreased by 2.2% from June 2022 and by 5.6% from July 2021. Their debt principal increased by 0.9% month on month and decreased by 2.6% year on year.

With an interest debt of HRK 1.1 billion, the total debt of business entities reached HRK 5.3 billion at the end of July 2022.

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