Gross premiums written at end-March HRK 3.25bn

NEWS 12.04.2021 19:28
Source: Morgue File

Gross premiums written by Croatian insurance companies totalled HRK 3.25 billion at the end of March 2021, up 6.3% on the year, the Croatian Insurance Bureau said on Monday.

Gross non-life insurance premiums increased by 8.95% to HRK 2.5 billion, while gross life insurance premiums fell by 1.3% to HRK 784.2 million.

Motor vehicle liability insurance was the most prevalent type of non-life insurance, with gross premiums totalling HRK 702.03 million at the end of March 2021, up 17.7% on the year, while classic life insurance accounted for the largest portion of life insurance premiums, totalling HRK 681.6 million, up 7.4%.

Croatia Osiguranje continued to have the biggest market share in terms of premiums, 26.2%, down from 27.5% at the end of March 2020, with HRK 851.2 million in premiums written, up 1.2% on the year.

Allianz Hrvatska was second, with a 13.45% market share and HRK 437.7 million in gross premiums written, up 15.2% on the year, and Wiener Osiguranje was third with an 11.2% market share and HRK 364.5 million in gross premiums written (+5.3%).

The gross liquidated damages that insurance companies paid their clients in the first three months of 2021 totalled HRK 1.8 billion, up 0.94% on the year, with HRK 1.03 million going for non-life insurance and HRK 753.3 million for life insurance.

(€1 = HRK 7.5)


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