Izetbegovic: BiH will continue its NATO path regardless of Russian opinion


Head of the strongest Bosniak party in Bosnia, the Democratic Action Party (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic said Sunday that the latest Russian threat regarding BiH's NATO accession was an undisguised threat to our country.

The Russian Ambassador to Bosnia said last week that should there be a practical rapprochement between Bosnia and NATO, “Russia would be forced to act to that hostile act.”

“Regarding the statement of the Russian ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina, we were all surprised by this direct interference in the internal affairs of BiH. It is even an undisguised threat to the country. Bosnia and Herzegovina was thus ordered what it must and must not do. I think that the nervousness was caused after the statement of the US President and that such reactions will subside. Bosnia will certainly continue on the path it has traced through strategies, through the Law on Defence, through the decisions of the Presidency of BiH in 2009 and 2019, regardless of Russia’s opinion,” Izetbegovic said.