JL: State Attorney was present at meeting when Zalac investigation was suspended

NEWS 29.11.2021 11:44
Source: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

State Attorney Zlata Hrvoj-Sipek was present at a meeting when the investigation into former minister Gabrijela Zalac was suspended, the Jutarnji List daily reported on Monday without naming its sources in the State Attorney's Office (DORH).

DORH’s internal investigation in the Zalac case has been completed and now it is up to Hrvoj-Sipek to make the next move, after she told the director of the USKOK anti-corruption office Vanja Marusic on Wednesday that she was no longer in charge of USKOK.

Until she receives a formal notice of dismissal, Marusic remains at USKOK’s helm.

Several sources have confirmed to Jutarnji List that Hrvoj-Sipek and the head of DORH’s criminal department, Darko Klier, were informed in detail about the corruption case dubbed “Software” and the results of the investigations into Zalac, at a meeting at DORH in June 2020.

USKOK’s deputy director Aleksandra Vucinic reported on the case. Her boss, Vanja Marusic, who also serves as Deputy State Attorney, was also present at that meeting.

After the entire case was examined, the prosecutor’s conclusion was adopted that there were no grounds to open an investigation. However, this does not mean that the case is closed, as has been speculated by the media, and that Marusic initiated it, apparently to protect someone in political office, but it was simply estimated that there were no grounds to open an investigation, the newspaper said.

Those attending the meeting accepted the prosecutor’s conclusion and adopted it. In any case, had Hrvoj-Sipek or Klier called for an investigation, that would have to have been done, Jutarnji List concluded.


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