Minister vows further investments in army on 14th anniversary of NATO membership

NEWS 01.04.202312:40
Luka Stanzl/Pixsell

Croatia's army stands shoulder to shoulder with military powers, Defence Minister Mario Banozic said in a press release issued on Saturday on the occasion of the 14th anniversary of the country's admission to NATO.

He also announced further investments in the defence sector.

Commenting on the first 14 years of membership in NATO, Banozic says that Croatia’s troops in NATO-led missions, operations and activities prove their excellence, professionalism and readiness to perform the most demanding tasks.

Croatia’s entry into the North Atlantic alliance on 1 April 2009 was “the accomplishment of one of the most important foreign policy and security objectives since the country gained independence”, reads the press release issued by the defence ministry.

We can say, full of pride, that we have achieved all the goals which Croatian defenders in the Homeland War fought for, he added.

He vowed intensified investments in the defence sector in order to be a responsible partner in the fast-changing international relations marked by many security risks.

Being a strong, steadfast, reliable and interoperable partner and ally, we can contribute to the alliance and its objectives, the minister says in his message.